About Us

Exploring Visual and Spatial Thinking combines instructional videos, interactive web
apps, quizzes, and assignments. Its focus is on developing visuospatial abilities. Such abilities play an important role in human thought processes, especially thought processes relating to the visual arts and the STEM disciplines

About Learn CS At Home

Exploring Visual and Spatial Thinking was developed by Dr. Victor Winter with the help of his wife, Jennifer Winter, and children, Isabella Winter and Aiden Winter. The course is the first step of a journey that leads to writing computer programs in the Bricklayer system. To date, Bricklayer-based curriculums have been taught across the K-16 spectrum. The content in Exploring Visual and Spatial Thinking draws on experiences gained from this endeavour.

Research has shown that visual and spatial reasoning abilities can be developed through study and practice. Research has also shown that spatial abilities are better than the SAT at predicting success in the STEM disciplines.

About Dr. Winter

Dr. Winter is a full professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Nebraska-Omaha (UNO),
the creator of Bricklayer, and co-founder of Bricklayer.org. Bricklayer is a low-threshold infinite ceiling educational ecosystem designed to teach math and computer science in ways that are engaging as well as technically meaningful.

Dr. Winter’s area of expertise is programming languages. Within this area Dr. Winter has a particular interest in formalisms and frameworks that enable the description of computation in a manner that facilitates understanding as well as various forms of analysis. This interest includes, (1) verification – the informal and formal reasoning about properties of programs, and (2) validation – the manual and automated construction of tests to increase confidence in the behavior of a system.

Prior to accepting a position at UNO Dr. Winter was a Principal Member of the Technical Staff (PMTS) at Sandia National
Laboratories (SNL) where he was the lead for the High-Integrity Software project. SNL is a weapons (in particular nuclear weapons) lab. As a result SNL deals with ultra high-consequence, oftentimes one-of-a-kind, systems. For such systems it is essential to be able to make strong predictive statements about their behavioral profile prior to fielding the system. Such concerns form, motivate, and inspire the basis for Dr. Winter’s interest in reasoning about computation.