The impact of COVID-19 (the coronavirus) on our society continues to grow. Major corporations are asking their employees to work from home, the NBA has suspended its season, and schools across the country are shutting down. In the event of a school shutdown, has created the website to provide Middle Schools with educational online content options for their students.

The site will provide, free of charge, an 8 lesson Bricklayer course titled Exploring Visual and Spatial Thinking.

To accommodate challenges related to scale, the course will have an asynchronous auto-graded format. Content will include interactive (self-grading) web apps, YouTube videos, quizzes, and assignments. 

Introduction to Visual Patterns and Algorithms

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Exploring Visual and Spatial Thinking

Exploring Visual and Spatial Thinking combines instructional videos, interactive web apps, quizzes, and assignments. Its focus is on developing visuospatial abilities.

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